New Weapons

Handgun+2d810/2025GP2 lb.FirearmLoad FreeMilitary(1h)
Rifle+3d815/3030GP4 lb.FirearmLoad Minor, Bayonet*Military(2h)
Sniper Rifle+3d1025/5035GP5lb.FirearmLoad Minor, BayonetSuperior(2h)

*Bayonet – Can attach a short sword to this weapon, and it can then be used in melee with short sword properties. It obviously remains a two handed weapon though, not an offhand.
Rogues can treat Firearms as Crossbows for the purpose of rogue attack powers, sneak attacks, rogue weapon talent, etc.
Unless a class can use all military ranged weapons, they do not have profficiency with any kind of firearm.

New Feats

Feat NameFeat Description
Heroic Tier
Weapon Focus/ExpertiseAs with every weapon ever
Mechanical EmpathyWarforged get proficiency with military firearms and a +2 to damage rolls with any weapon with the Firearm property
Quick DrawCan draw a gun as part of the action to fire it, if an adjacent enemy is included in the attack, ranged and area attacks made with a firearm don’t take OA from that enemy.
Steady armCan use Con instead of Dex for ranged basic attacks made with firearms.
Paragon Tier
Patient SniperGain a +1 to attack rolls with firearms, and treat them as high crit weapons if you haven’t moved since the end of your last turn
GunslingerHandgun becomes a +3 proficiency weapon and can be used offhand.
Epic Tier
Firearm MasteryWhen using a firearm you can score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.


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